CLiKS (Christian Links in Keighley Schools)
works with local primary & secondary schools,
supporting them in the most appropriate ways
for each school and sharing God’s love for
this important part of the community.
CLiKS seeks to work with children, school staff, governors and parents in each school community. As well as carrying on the established work in Keighley schools, e.g. assemblies, lessons and the Scripture Union events such as REWIND, CLiKS aims to build links between churches and the local schools.
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HandOur Vision & The Future of CLiKS

The vision behind CLIKS is to facilitate a Christian presence in every school in our area, to establish, maintain and develop links with all the schools in the Keighley district, with the aim of making pupil's experience of Church and Christianity a positive one.

CLiKS will endeavour to support schools by offering the services of Christian workers, who will be able to assist schools in their teaching and learning within the Christian module of the RE curriculum. It will also provide support to teaching staff in other subjects and departments and in assemblies when invited.