Amongst doing the daily work in schools,
CLiKS also puts on different types of events,
for children and young people. We see events
as a key role in our work, and children
especially learn a lot of valuable experiences
from coming out of school and learning in a
different environment.
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REWIND to Christmas

REWIND to Christmas is an event for Year 4 pupils where they experience the Christmas story and understand the reasons behind traditions and why Christians still celebrate today. Our dedicated volunteer team is drawn from local churches, and everyone has been checked for their suitability to work with children.

Your pupils will explore the Christmas story through drama sketches and film clips, small group work, individual activity books, craft, games and personal reflection. We have been running REWIND to Christmas for 10 years now and our team are experienced at leading small groups and looking after members of staff! It’s a great event full of excitement and fun, where the children learn about this Christian festival in a creative environment.

Keighley Event - 1st-3rd December 2015, South Craven Event - 10th December 2015

REWIND to Easter

REWIND to Easter is a similar event for Year 5 pupils, also held at Keighley Shared Church. It focuses on why Easter is an important festival for Christians and explores some of the traditions and symbols surrounding Easter.

Keighley Event - 1st-3rd March 2016, South Craven Event - 17th March 2016

The team of volunteers is also growing, at the same time as the number of schools increase. If you would like any information on how you can be involved, please contact Adele using the contact us page.