CLiKS (Christian Links in Keighley Schools)
works with local primary & secondary schools,
supporting them in the most appropriate ways
for each school and sharing God’s love for
this important part of the community.
CLiKS seeks to work with children, school staff, governors and parents in each school community. As well as carrying on the established work in Keighley schools, e.g. assemblies, lessons and the Scripture Union events such as REWIND, CLiKS aims to build links between churches and the local schools.
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HandAims & Objectives

Our Objects as defined in our Trust Deed:

To advance the Christian religion for the benefit of the public in Keighley and district in the County of West Yorkshire, in partnership with local Churches and others, amongst children, young people and families.

Activities specified in our Charity Commission application:

  1. To assist schools with Christian input to collective worship, religious education and other relevant subjects
  2. To support Christian teachers, other schools staff, governors and volunteer helpers
  3. To develop ways of celebrating Christian festivals in ways relevant to children and young people
  4. To encourage and facilitate visits to churches by children and young people
  5. To encourage Christians to pray for schools
  6. To encourage Christians to get more involved with schools as governors, volunteers etc.
  7. To enable Christians to develop their skills in working with children and young people
  8. To arrange after-school clubs for Christian fellowship, teaching and associated social activities e.g. sport, music, art
  9. To support children and families through transition times e.g. moving schools, exams